Current Jewellery Trends for 2024

Current Jewellery Trends for 2024

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What are the current jewellery trends for 2024?

As we step into a new year, the world of jewellery continues to evolve, offering fresh jewellery trends for 2024 and styles to adorn ourselves with. In 2024, jewellery trends are set to captivate with a blend of innovation, sustainability, and classic charm. So let’s delve into the upcoming jewellery trends that promise to inspire.

Soft pastel hue's

Say hello to understated neutrals in 2024. Soft pastel hues are dominating the gemstone world. This is strengthened by the newly crowned Pantone colour of the year, Peach Fuzz. Think soft and angelic peachy orangey pink with an opaque creaminess. Stones like sunstone, rose quartz, pink opal, or orange moonstone are great colour options if you want to wear this trend.  We recommend the Nellou diamond necklace in pink opal if you want to shop this emerging trend. 

Pink Opal Birthstone

Modern vintage revival

Drawing inspiration from bygone eras, modern vintage jewellery is making a comeback in 2024. Think intricate beading, mini beads, Art Deco motifs, and Art Nouveau flourishes reimagined for the contemporary wearer. These pieces add a touch of nostalgia to any ensemble, celebrating the allure of vintage craftsmanship and design. Our take on modern vintage includes our gemstone mini-bead choker-style necklaces. 


 Mini bead necklace - tiny facet gemstones


Bold and Sculptural jewellery

This year, jewellery is taking on a sculptural dimension, with bold, geometric forms commanding attention. Chunky cuffs, oversized earrings, and statement necklaces adorned with architectural elements are set to make a statement on runways and streets alike. Embracing asymmetry and unconventional shapes, these Avant Garde pieces exude confidence and artistic flair. We’re loving the Nellou large baroque pearl earrings, with a similar style already having been spotted on various runways. Ellen Baroque Eardrops

Large Baroque Pearl Drops


Personalised pendants


Customisation continues to reign supreme in the world of jewellery, with personalised pendants emerging as a must-have accessory this year. From initial charms to zodiac symbols, wearers are embracing pieces that reflect their unique identities and stories. Whether layered with other necklaces or worn solo, our ‘Build your own’ collection offers great options for personalised necklaces, with 18 ct gold-plated options coming very soon! The Sterling Silver Build Your Own Charm Necklace range is available now.



Mix and Match Metals

Gone are the days of sticking to only one metal or another; this year it is all about mixing it up with abandon! From layering simple gold and silver chains together to stacking mixed metal ear hoops and bracelets, the rulebook is thrown out in favour of eclectic combinations. Embracing this trend allows for endless versatility and increases options for all skin tones. We anticipate this to be a big summer hit.


Sustainable chic


In an era marked by increasing environmental consciousness, sustainable jewellery is taking centre stage. Designers are embracing more eco-friendly materials such as recycled metals, lab-created diamonds, and ethically sourced gemstones. From minimalist pieces to standout creations, sustainable chic is not just a trend but a philosophy reflecting a commitment to responsible consumption and ethical practices. Something we should all be aiming for as producers or consumers. Here at Nellou, we have made a conscious effort to reduce our single-use plastic from all areas of manufacture to retail. Also, limiting wasteful or unnecessary packaging means using only what is required to protect the products, and while there is always more to be done, it is all a step in the right direction to help prolong our planet.


As 2024 gets well underway and spring is just around the corner, we look forward to seeing these trends flourish in the shops on the high street, through the pages of various fashion magazines, and given as real-life gifts to those we love.

Watch out for these current jewellery trends in 2024

  • Soft pastel hues in gemstones: look for Orange Moonstone, Pink Opal and Rose Quartz
  • Modern vintage revival: tiny beading and nostalgic designs
  • Bold and Sculptural Jewellery: large baroque pearls & metallic cuffs
  • Personalised pendants
  • Mix and Match Metals: keep mixing those gold & silver pieces
  • Sustainable chic

Which is your favourite jewellery trend in 2024?

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