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Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story, Here’s Ours

Welcome to Nellou, where we are passionate about sharing our love for natural gemstones and creating beautiful, high-quality jewellery that is both stylish and suitable for everyday.

Our family's passion for gemstones goes back more than half a century when our father established a small gemstone trading company. With this extensive history in the gemmological industry, you could say that gemstones are in our DNA. Today, we carry on his legacy by bringing you high-quality jewellery made with sterling silver and natural gemstones.

Our commitment to supporting artisanal jewellery manufacture means that we work with skilled silversmiths who bring their unique perspectives and creativity to each piece we create. We believe in crafting quality jewellery that is affordable, allowing you to bring the beauty of natural gemstones and sterling silver into your everyday.

We are excited to share our passion for beautiful jewellery with you.

Eco-friendly materials for a lower impact

One of the ways we are making a difference is by using eco-silver in all of our chains. This silver is a more sustainable option as it is made from a combination of recycled and ethically mined silver. We are committed to using materials that are not only beautiful but also have a lower impact on the environment.

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Expertly Curated Gemstones

Drawing upon our extensive expertise in the gemstone industry, we have access to a vast range of natural gemstones in the market. Our rigorous selection process involves carefully handpicking each gemstone before they are hand set into our designs, ensuring that we prioritise the truest colour and representation of each gemstone without ever compromising on quality. We are committed to providing our customers with the joy of experiencing the exceptional natural beauty and unique characteristics of each piece by incorporating semi-precious gemstones in our jewellery. Our ranges include a great selection of modern designs that enable you to curate your own distinctive style incorporating classic sterling silver and a large selection of gemstones covering birthstones and well know classic gemstones, as well as more special and unique healing gemstones.