Hamsa Hand Charm

Introducing our Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Charm, meticulously crafted with care, this captivating piece encapsulates spirituality and protection in stunning sterling silver.

Symbolising blessings and warding off negativity, our Hamsa Hand charm radiates with mystical significance. Its intricate design intricately captures the delicate features of the Hamsa Hand, finished with a polished shine.

Our Nellou Hamsa Hand Charm also known as the 'Hand of Fatima' effortlessly adds an aura of spirituality to any necklace or bracelet of your choosing. Personalise your jewellery collection by seamlessly incorporating it into our Build Your Own Necklace series, or complement one of our sterling silver bracelets, mixing and matching with other sterling silver bracelet charms to tailor your bracelet to perfection.

An ideal gift for spiritual seekers, believers in the power of protection, or anyone who values the enduring elegance of sterling silver jewelry, our Hamsa Hand Charm is a timeless symbol of faith and grace.
Complimentary Gift Box Included

Each piece is supplied packaged in our signature Nellou Jewellery Box, smaller items will also be supplied with a pouch, ensuring both secure storage and an elevated unboxing experience, perfect for gifting.

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Caring for your Jewellery

We want your jewellery to stay in great condition so you can enjoy it for years to come. With some simple steps you can help prolong the life of your pieces. Remove your jewellery daily, put it on as the last step when getting ready and the first thing you take off at the end of the day. Avoid spraying with perfume and contact with creams and lotions and do not wear in water. When not being worn jewellery can be prone to tarnishing if kept in an open atmosphere, so if you are not likely to wear for sometime, the best way to store is in a sealed bag. But if wearing regularly keep stored in our jewellery pouch or box. Read More

Gift bag with garnet birthstone necklace poking out of a Nellou gift pouch

Premium Gift Wrapping

Your jewellery will come packaged in our Nellou pouch, jewellery box, and care kit but why not upgrade to our premium gift wrap where we'll gift wrap your jewellery by hand. This includes a Nellou gift bag and handwritten gift card. Add this to your order at checkout.

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