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Choose our Eco Sterling Silver Satellite Chain –the perfect foundation for creating your own unique necklace. Crafted from high-quality eco sterling silver, this chain effortlessly combines elegance with eco-consciousness, allowing you to make a style statement while caring for the planet.

Choose between 14" choker length - perfect for kids and more petite necks, 16" length for a closer fit, classic 18" or 20" for a longer finish, great for layering too.

The satellite chain features a modern bead pattern along the chain. Making it a great trend piece featuring heavily in newer designs.

Made from genuine sterling silver, this satellite chain offers exceptional quality and long-lasting beauty. With an anti tarnish finish keep it looking radiant and lustrous for years to come. 

Enhance your Satellite Chain by adding natural gemstone charms and meaningful sterling silver charms:

Gemstone charms: Select your favourite birthstone or gem to add a touch of colour and symbolism.
Initial charms: Personalise your necklace with sterling silver initial charms that hold significance to you.
Sterling silver charms: Explore a wide range of designs, including hearts, stars, and meaningful symbols.

Create a truly special and personalised necklace by combining the Satellite Chain with gemstone and sterling silver charms of your choice. Create your own personalised story through this special piece of jewellery.


Garnet - January
Amethyst - February
Aquamarine - March
Crystal - April
Chrysoprase - May
Rainbow Moonstone - June
Carnelian - July
Peridot - August
Lapis - September
Opal - October
Citrine - November
Turquoise - December

Healing Qualities

Garnet: Reduce Inflammation | Detoxify | Energise
Amethyst: Emotional Stability | Intuition | Physical Health
Aquamarine: Reduce Stress | Purity | Courage
Crystal: Clarity | Energy | Intuition | Protection
Chrysoprase: Self Love | Optimism | Inner Peace
Rainbow Moonstone: Balance | Harmony | Intuition
Carnelian: Stimulate Creativity | Motivate | Reduce Fatigue
Peridot: Positivity | Emotional Wellbeing | Vitality
Lapis: Communication | Confidence | Inner Peace
Opal: Creativity | Emotional Balance | Positive Change
Citrine: Abundance | Success | Motivation
Turquoise: Protection | Wisdom | Communication
Rose Quartz: Love | Compassion  | Soothing
Green Aventurine: Calming | Healing | Prosperity

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Caring for your Jewellery

We want your jewellery to stay in great condition so you can enjoy it for years to come. With some simple steps you can help prolong the life of your pieces. Remove your jewellery daily, put it on as the last step when getting ready and the first thing you take off at the end of the day. Avoid spraying with perfume and contact with creams and lotions and do not wear in water. When not being worn jewellery can be prone to tarnishing if kept in an open atmosphere, so if you are not likely to wear for sometime, the best way to store is in a sealed bag. But if wearing regularly keep stored in our jewellery pouch or box. Read More

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful unique gift

I bought my daughter a necklace for her GCSE results with her initial, amethyst and globe. It came beautifully packaged in a gift box and she absolutely loves it. The necklace is wonderful quality and simply stunning. She wears it most days! Such a special gift and I’m sure she will wear it for many years.

Lovely gift

I surprised my best friend with a citrine gemstone necklace with her favourite charm, a star. She hasnt stopped raving about it since!

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